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Convertible Clear OWB-IWB Holster | G17/19/19X/44/45 GEN 1-5

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Clear Holster for Glock Pistols: Show off Your Firearm's Authenticity!
Our transparent holster, specially designed for Glock pistols, is the perfect choice for firearm enthusiasts who want to stand out and personalize their weapons. The transparent construction allows you to preserve the design of your firearm while still being able to display it—a level of customization that true gun aficionados crave.
One of the greatest advantages of our Glock holster is its compatibility with multiple Glock models. Say goodbye to purchasing separate holsters for different handguns! With its broad compatibility, you can easily use it with various models from the Glock series. Without any compatibility concerns, you can showcase your style with your favorite Glock.
Crafted from premium-quality materials, our holster is designed for durability and longevity. It provides a safe and secure storage solution for your firearm. Additionally, its ergonomic design ensures easy and quick access. Even in emergency situations, you can draw and utilize your pistol swiftly.
Another significant advantage of using this transparent holster is that you can always keep your firearm under control. Whether on duty or during training, you can see your firearm even while it's holstered. This enables you to swiftly identify your target and make accurate moves.
By using this transparent holster tailored for Glock pistols, you can keep your firearm secure, express your personal style, and stand out among other gun enthusiasts. Capture attention with your unique design and showcase the aesthetic beauty of your firearm.
It's time to take action! Order this transparent holster that ensures the protection of your Glock while reflecting your style. Elevate your Glock experience to the next level today!
IWB & OWB CONVERTIBLE: User manual and accessories are included for easy switching between Inside Waistband (IWB) and Outside Waistband (OWB) Carry. It's pre-assembled as an IWB Carry Holster. Compatible with Red Dot/Optical Sights.
FORM-FITTING HOLSTER: This is a custom-made holster for Glock 19/G17/G19X/G22/G31/G23/G32/G45.
Belt Clip fits 1.5'' & 1.75'' wide belts.
DURABLE MATERIAL: Made of Fiber-Reinforced Crystal Polymer, which gives the holster shape-retaining capability even under 248℉ heat and -4℉ cold.
COMFORTABLE: All edges are smooth for comfortable everyday carry.
RIDE HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE CLIP: This clip is designed with 5 holes for better ride height adjustment. Low, Mid, High ride, three options available.
CANT ADJUSTABLE: This clear holster can be canted from 0 to 30 degrees.
RETENTION ADJUSTABLE: Retention can be adjusted from both sides of the screws and the screw near the trigger area. Thus, you can adjust retention for both the trigger area and barrel area.
UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY: Gun&Flower's mission is to deliver superior quality and create perfect holsters to fit your pistols.